It's great to meet you.

I'm John. All the trite things that normally go here are true. Yes, I've wanted to act since I was a child. I care deeply about Asian American representation on screen. I'm a storyteller.

But let me tell you more: how it happens. It starts when a kid from Texas grows up watching Hong Kong action flicks with his dad, Wong Kar Wai movies with his mom. His parents are right. They don't make movies like this anymore.

On a whim, in college, he auditions for a musical. Books a role, then another, then another. Discovers a world of expression that makes him feel alive. Realizes, maybe, there's a place for him.

Quits his job working in software. The stock price didn't excite him anyway. Finds his place in New York City, working to make the dreams of his boyhood a reality. If your story's anything like mine, let's connect. No one makes art alone. Let's make something together.